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Nina Ananiashvili

Nina Ananiashvili was born on March 23, 1963. At the age of 10 she entered V. Chabukiani Choreographic School. At the age of 13 she moved to Moscow Choreographic ballet School. From 1981 she is the ballerina of Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, from 1985 Prima ballerina
Accomplished style and rare dramatic talent have made Nina Ananiashvili one of the mostly well known dancers of contemporaneity.

From 1988 she starts dancing in the worlds most prestigious ballet scenes. She is invited to “New-York City Ballet”, Kovent Garden Royal Theatre, Metropolitan Opera. She is frequent guest of Sweden, Norway, Portuguese, Finland, Bavaria, Monte Carlo, Bermingham, Boston, Tokyo and other ballet scenes. In 1997 American Biography Institute granted Nina Ananiashvili with the title “The best lady of the year”. In 1999 she was granted with the award established by Maria De Bourbon “Golden Goddess”.

The art director of American Ballet Theatre Kevin Maccenzi admired by dance of Nina Ananiashvili and decided to invite the georgian girl to American Ballet Theatre where she fascinated the spectacles and is until now the prima ballerina there.

Arrival of Nina Ananiashvili in Georgia was as much good for Georgia as the return of Vakhtang Chabukiani to Georgia in the thirties of the last century. It has been the end of the second year since Nina Ananiashvili is the art director. The star of world ballet having the guaranteed opportunity to proceed with her work in big theatres of lots of countries, preferred to come back to home country.

Entrance word of Nina Ananiashvili:

“Everything in my life takes place accidentally and nevertheless I think nothing happens by accident. When I left the school of figure skating then I felt in love with my profession. Many people would like me to become a ballerina: my parents, grandmother. Lia Dvali was the one who took me from the school of figure skating to ballet.
At first I was with Tamar Vikhodtseva later on- I appeard in the school of Moscow with Natalia Zolotova. It was she who got acquanted me with the international scene. During years I have worked in Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow with Raisa Struchkova. So everything happened step by step and with quite a natural consequence.
I assure you I never planned to become successful. It was also the results of natural consequence.
I’ve always believed to be there where I am needed,where people need me. It may be America, Russia, but luckily my nation had got the need in me.
A new world is open before the future generation of our school. It will give them the possibility to realize their beautiful dreams.

I wish You success"

V. Chabukiani Tbilisi Ballet Art State School-art Director

N. Ananiashvili

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