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Nina Ananiashvili
The Art Director
Tbilisi Ballet Art State School

Zviad Bakradze
Director of V. Chabukiani
Tbilisi Ballet Art State School


December 27 1936 may be considered as the date of birth of Georgian Classic ballet. It was the day when the first Georgian Ballet "Mzechabuki" was performed in Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre(composer-A.Balanchivadze,choreographer V.Chabukiani, painter S.Virsaladze). Although the establishment of classic had started a bit earlier.
In 1916 an Iitalian dancer Maria Perini opened the first private ballet studio in Georgia.It has become the State Ballet School of Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1920 ( Director and the main teacher from 1920 was M.Perini).
Perini grew up lots of well-known artists from elder and middle generation Among them: Vakhtang and Tamar Chabukiani, N.Ramishvili, V.Vronski, L.Gvaramadze, M.Baueri, I. and D. Aleksidze, I.Sukhishvili, S.Sergeev, I.Arbatov, S. Virsaladze, L.Chikviladze, L. and Jh. Semionov, M.Kazinets, S.Gorski, I.Metreveli, A.Tsereteli, K.Nadareishvili etc.
In 1934 the well known choreographer and theorist D. Javrishvili made the school of Perini into Choreograph studio. From 1935 the studio was called choreographic school and from 1951 it was called State Choreographic School In 1951-1977 the school was headed by V.Chabukiani. The latter takes the special place in the history of Georgian National Ballet.
Vakhtang Chabukiani the founder of Georgian Classic ballet was born in 1910. In 1922-23 he studied in Perini Ballet Studio in Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 1926 he proceeded with his studying in Leningrad Choreographic School.In 1929-41 he was the soloist of Leningrad and Opera and Ballet Theatre. V.Chabukiani headed Tbilisi State Choreographic School from 1951. From the first day he started important reforms, under his initiative in 1959 a new school was built where the world ballet lots of well-known artist grew up: Nina Ananiashvili, Irma Nioradze, Nika Tsiskaridze, Igor Zelinski, Maia Zurashvili, David Makhateli, Elene Glurjidze, Lali Kandelaki etc. The main purpose of V. Chabukiani works was the national basis of Georgian Classic Ballet. From 1977 the art director of the school became the main choreographer of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, the honored artist of Georgia George Alexidze, the director Baram Baramidze.
The school since its foundation was headed by Maria Perini, Vakhtang Javrishvili, Seraphima Vekua, Vakhtang Chabukiani, Baram Baramidze, Gogi Alexidze, Bekar Monavardisashvili, Tamaz Vashakidze, Nugzar Makhateli.
Since 2004 Georgian ballerina Nina Ananiashvili has been the art director of Z.Phaliashvili Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre and V. Chabukiani Tbilisi Ballet Art State School, and director is Zviad Bakradze.
V. chabukiani Tbilisi State School of Ballet Art is the only one in Georgia preparing the professional balley actors. Classic dance is the major discipline. All special subjects studied here are in reciprocal relation with each other and set the goal to grow up professional ballet actors.
The study of special subjects in the school includes the following disciplines: Classic dance, dance of pairs, historic-living dance, feature dance, modern and georgian dances, rhythm, grim, actors technique. Pupils of the school during the whole year take active part in different performances that are made in Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Academy Theatre Petre Chaikovski "The Nutcracker", Minkus "Don Quixote"; Giuseppe Verdi "Aida"; Hertei "Cautious in Vain" ect.
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